Holtzman’s 10-Point Plan of Action to Protect Choice

Women’s Health Care Czar

Appoint a Women’s Health Care Czar at the White House to help coordinate all the federal agencies, including law enforcement, to prevent or combat state actions that violate women’s constitutional or statutory rights or endanger women’s health, including adoption of unconstitutional laws, policies and practices. The Czar would pursue regulatory actions to protect reproductive rights – reviewing, for example, whether women’s health and safety truly require doctors’ prescriptions for mifepristone, and to what extent these concerns can otherwise be met; if prescriptions are not needed, then the Czar would call on the FDA to eliminate the requirement.


Abortion Services Travel Network

Coordinate with foundations and private sources to create an entity that will help ensure women receive the financial support and legal support they need to travel to a pro-choice region or state and to ensure they have access to and information about medication abortion.


 Counselor/Provider Indemnification Project

Coordinate with the legal community to protect counselors and providers from legal liability and, to the extent feasible, arrange indemnification of doctors, nurses or health professionals performing or counseling women on abortion.


Free Abortion Services Task Force

Work with the private sector to fund free abortion support services for any patient in need, including medication abortion pills and pre- and post-abortion counseling.


Clinics on Federal Lands Project

Make sites available on federal properties in states banning abortions or on the borders of states adjoining those states.


Legal SWAT Team

Ensure that the Department of Justice is taking steps to aggressively challenge state laws, policies and practices and pursue legal remedies in states that violate the constitutional or statutory rights of women – as in the case of state laws that inhibit appropriate treatment for miscarriages – and assemble a SWAT team of lawyers who will supplement DOJ efforts. Combat through legal means interference by states with the availability of medical abortions using FDA-approved drugs.


State Referendums Task Force

Develop the mechanism for effective, fully funded campaigns for each state facing a referendum on abortion, sharing best practices, coordinating research and developing a national fundraising effort that will provide the massive resources needed to fully fund these efforts.


Pro-Choice Judges Campaign

Dramatically expand funding for efforts to get pro-choice judges elected or appointed.


Roe Codification Initiative

Work with experts and grassroots organizations to build momentum and gain passage of a federal law codifying the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade.


1-800 Crisis and Information Hotline

 Launch an information campaign to educate women about their options and coordinate a 1-800 number to provide information, counseling and other support services – in essence, a 911 for choice.


Liz Holtzman for Congress NY-10

Proudly Endorsed By:

There are few leaders I trust more than Liz Holtzman to defend a woman's right to control her life and body."

National Organization for Women endorsing Liz for NY-10

“Liz is the champion we need at this perilous time for us all. She is a fierce and fearless leader who can find innovative, effective ways to defend choice.”

“This is no time for a timid response. This is a time for tough, smart and determined leadership, and that is what Liz uniquely provides that no other candidate in this race has the track record to do. From the moment she arrives in Congress, Liz will command respect and win the support of her colleagues. There are few leaders I trust more than Liz Holtzman to defend a woman's right to control her life and body.”

“Liz has not only a tested track record of unflagging commitment to advancing women's rights, but also the character and commanding presence that it takes to stand up to opponents and to speak truth to the most powerful among us.”

Liz Holtzman for Congress NY-10

We proudly endorse Holtzman and urge voters to send her back to Washington"

Daily News endorses Liz Holtzman for NY-10

“The class of the large field is Liz Holtzman, who’s served the city well in Congress, as Brooklyn district attorney, as city comptroller and as a civically engaged member of the private sector since. We proudly endorse Holtzman and urge voters to send her back to Washington. . .”

“What distinguishes Holtzman is her singular experience in checking the abuses of presidents going back to Nixon. . . Holtzman combines that with an unrivaled breadth and depth of knowledge on how the gears of government turn; pragmatic policy instincts, and a sensitive ear for constituent problems. In the hour-long conversation we had with her, she had a close-to-the-ground understanding of the challenges people are facing, from the Lower East Side to Red Hook to Park Slope to Sunset Park. . . Holtzman is the one to elect.”

Liz Holtzman for Congress NY-10

Liz has always been among the first and bravest in our history, the smartest and most trusted. This country, not just NYC, must benefit from Liz's leadership. Go out and vote for Liz."

Gloria Steinem endorsement of Liz for NY-10

“Liz Holtzman is the very epitome of what we hope for when we send representatives to Washington.”

“Liz Holtzman has always been among the first and the bravest in our history, the smartest and the most trusted. She was the youngest woman elected to Congress, the first woman District Attorney, and also the only woman to become Comptroller of New York City. Now, she is the one and only candidate in this race who has created enduring structures to advance justice, including the bipartisan Congressional Women’s Caucus, a crucial group to which Democratic Congresswomen elected and re-elected her as co-chair. She is also the one and only candidate who has authored significant federal legislation, including the Rape Privacy Act and the extension of the ERA ratification deadline. This country, not just New York City, must benefit from Liz's leadership. . . Remember, the Voting booth is the one place where we are all equal!”

“Liz is the one candidate who actually voted to impeach a president which led to his resignation. Liz has decades of experience taking on presidents and fighting to protect our democratic values. She was one of the first national leaders to call for impeaching Trump and then wrote the definitive book on how to impeach him. She wrote the special prosecutor law and wrote the law blocking Nixon's proposed state secrets act, and she brought a landmark lawsuit to stop the illegal bombing of Cambodia. In this post-Roe v. Wade world, women can no longer be ignored or silenced. We will not be treated as invisible or as second-class citizens by political opponents or by our government.”

Liz Holtzman for Congress NY-10

Statement of Issues

Fighting the Attack on Choice and Women’s Rights, and Combating Discrimination and Bigotry of All Kinds

Combating the national wave of assault on choice and women’s rights. Fighting to ensure appropriate federal funding and legal protection to guarantee choice and women’s control over their own bodies. Standing up to bigotry and prejudice of all kinds – racism, religious discrimination, and anti-Semitism, anti-Asian, and anti-LGBTQ+ hate.

Expanding Affordable Housing, Price Gouging, and Income Inequality

Creating new ways to aggressively expand affordable housing. Fighting against racial and economic inequities exposed by the pandemic. Combating economic predation at the drugstore, in the deli, and at the pump in a time of inflation.

Taking on the Gun Manufacturers, and Fighting Crime

Standing up to the gun lobby to ban the sale of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines and limiting the prevalence of handguns. Combating crime in the subway and on the street. Fighting violence against women. Finding new ways to fight the national wave of attacks on the safety of the lives of New Yorkers and all Americans.

Protecting Our Democracy

Fighting post-Trump attacks on voting rights, the rule of law, and integrity in government.

Fighting for Healthcare

Taking on the insurance industry and big pharma. Expanding Medicare coverage for mental health care, dental care, hearing aids, eyeglasses, and other basic health needs. Fighting to reform an inadequate healthcare system that shortchanges racial minorities.

Combating Threats to the Environment and Climate

Fighting polluters and environmental degradation by big oil and gas. Finding new ways to increase the supply of sources, storage, and transmission of renewable energy from solar, wind, biomass, and other alternative energy sources. Expediting the fight against climate change. Creating good green jobs.

Read Liz Holtzman’s Plan to Tackle These Issues