Holtzman calls Supreme Court “illegitimate” in hard hitting Announcement Video.

New York, NY (June 28, 2022) – The former New York Congresswoman, first woman Brooklyn District Attorney, and first and only woman New York City Comptroller, officially entered the race for Congress, propelled by the Supreme Court and radical right’s attacks on women’s rights and women’s health.  

“The Court thinks it is going to toss women’s freedom and the right to control their bodies into the dustbin of history. But women are not going into any dustbin. We are going to fight back,” Holtzman said.  “I am not going to sit on the sidelines as my rights and all women’s rights are threatened. I never have and won’t start now. I know how to take on the women haters.”

Holtzman is a groundbreaking leader in the fight for women’s rights with a unique record of standing up to powerful interests, from taking on President Nixon in Watergate, to changing our nation’s rape laws, to combating child abuse, to leading the effort to ban discrimination in jury selection. Her accomplishments include taking on gun manufacturers, corporate polluters, a long and consistent champion for gay rights, a distinguished record of combating Asian-American hatred and an early advocate for impeaching Trump.  Gloria Steinem has praised her, saying “Elizabeth Holtzman has always been the first and the bravest, the smartest and most trusted.” 

No one in the NY-10 race has the record of accomplishment, the experience and the proven record of standing up to protect the rights of women – a record of accomplishment and commitment needed now more than ever in the battle over reproductive rights and over the threat to our democracy from the extreme right.  

“I am going to harness my experience and expertise to drive change again—I may be the oldest one in the race for Congress, but I’ve got the newest ideas, plus the guts and the vigor, to drive the progressive change that these dire times require,” Liz concluded in her announcement.  “Mine is not just a campaign. It is part of a national wave to reject those who would deny the promise of America to women and all of us.”

See the Holtzman Campaign ad:Force For Change