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Monday, August 8, 2022

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Joined By NOW-NYC President Sonia Ossorio and Endorsed By NOW, The Daily News, Gloria Steinem, and The Feminist Majority, Holtzman Calls For Coordinated Efforts To Fight For Women’s Fundamental Rights

Holtzman Warns Piecemeal Approach to Protecting Abortion Rights Endangers Women’s Health

In the wake of Indiana’s latest action to deny women’s fundamental right to control their bodies, Liz Holtzman today detailed an initial 10-point plan to protect choice and fight back against the radical right and its state-by-state plans to take away woman’s fundamental rights.

Holtzman noted that within the next year alone we can expect at least 8 states to hold referendums on abortion, and that right now approximately 14 states have trigger laws that are taking effect to restrict or ban choice. 

“There are many dedicated organizations and individuals helping fight the radical right,” Liz said, “but unless we coordinate the effort on all fronts, we are in danger of squandering this critical moment to fight back. I have the commitment and the expertise to shape this effort in the coming years, as when I reformed our nation’s rape laws and extended the ERA deadline. This is such a moment.”

Liz Holtzman’s 10-Point Plan of Action to Protect Choice

  1. Women’s Health Care Czar – Appoint a Women’s Health Care Czar at the White House to help coordinate all the federal agencies, including law enforcement, to prevent or combat state actions that violate women’s constitutional or statutory rights or endanger women’s health, including adoption of unconstitutional laws, policies, and practices. The Czar would pursue regulatory actions to protect reproductive rights – reviewing, for example, whether women’s health and safety truly require doctors’ prescriptions for mifepristone, and to what extent these concerns can otherwise be met; if prescriptions are not needed, then the Czar would call on the FDA to eliminate the requirement.
  2. Abortion Services Travel Network – Coordinate with foundations and private sources to create an entity that will help ensure women receive the financial support and legal support they need to travel to a pro-choice region or state, and to ensure they have access to and information about medication abortion.
  3. Counselor/Provider Indemnification Project – Coordinate with the legal community to protect counselors and providers from legal liability and, to the extent feasible, arrange indemnification of doctors, nurses or health professionals performing or counseling women on abortion.
  4. Free Abortion Services Task Force – Work with the private sector to fund free abortion support services for any patient in need, including medication abortion pills and pre- and post-abortion counseling.
  5. Clinics on Federal Lands Project – Make sites available on federal properties in states banning abortions or on the borders of states adjoining those states.
  6. Legal SWAT Team – Ensure that the Department of Justice is taking steps to aggressively challenge state laws, policies, and practices and pursue legal remedies in states that violate the constitutional or statutory rights of women – as in the case of state laws that inhibit appropriate treatment for miscarriages – and assemble a SWAT team of lawyers who will supplement DOJ efforts. Combat through legal means interference by states with the availability of medical abortions using FDA-approved drugs.
  7. State Referendums Task Force – Develop the mechanism for effective, fully-funded campaigns for each state facing a referendum on abortion, sharing best practices, coordinating research, and developing a national fundraising effort that will provide the massive resources needed to fully fund these efforts.
  8. Pro-Choice Judges Campaign – Dramatically expand funding for efforts to get pro-choice judges elected or appointed.
  9. Roe Codification Initiative – Work with experts and grassroots organizations to build momentum and gain passage of a federal law codifying the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade.
  10. 1-800 Crisis and Information Hotline – Launch an information campaign to educate women about their options and coordinate a 1-800 number to provide information, counseling, and other support services – in essence, a 911 for choice.

Liz commented, “In Congress I will press Washington to take on the Supreme Court’s destructive decision. I’ll work closely with public and private sector leaders around the country to help combat restrictions on women’s control over their own bodies and health care. Failure is not an option. What we do in the next two years in response to this extremist Court’s decision will determine our future. I am ready for this fight and so are millions of other women and men across the country. Let’s get it done,” Liz concluded.