By Ethan Stark-Miller

Former U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman announces National Organization for Women endorsement in Foley Square. Monday, Aug. 8, 2022.

Photo by Ethan Stark-Miller

On the heels of winning the backing of the New York Daily News Editorial Board, former U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman Monday announced her bid to represent the new 10th Congressional District also has the support of the National Organization for Woman (NOW).

“I’m very proud to be accepting the endorsement of Now New York City,” Holtzman, the youngest woman elected to Congress in 1972, told reporters. “It’s an important organization, fighting for women’s equality and women’s rights. Not to mention reproductive rights. For as long as anyone here can remember, we would be nowhere without the support of the National Organization for Women and its local branches.”

The former congress member – who also had stints as the Brooklyn district attorney and city comptroller – announced the endorsement with NOW-NYC President Sonia Ossorio as well as campaign volunteers and staffers in Foley Square Monday morning

Holtzman, who said she was inspired to jump into the packed race at the age of 80 due to the U.S. Supreme Court’s June ruling striking down Roe v. Wade, also rolled out her 10-point plan for protecting abortion rights should she win the Aug. 23 primary to represent the lower Manhattan and north west Brooklyn district.

“The reason that I am running for Congress is that the U.S. Supreme Court is now threatening the rights of all women,” Holtzman said. “And of course, has put a target on the backs of all Americans. Because if you can take the rights away of more than half the population, then no one is safe. This Supreme Court is a danger to Americans, and we need someone in Congress who is going to stand up to it.”

Ossorio said it is Holtzman’s experience from her years in Congress dealing with this very issue that makes her the best candidate for the job.

“There is one thing that every New Yorker who will be voting on Aug. 23 needs to know: that Liz Holtzman day-in-and-day-out, will fight for your rights to control your body,” Ossorio said. “She will protect the most marginalized among us and she will take it to the mat for anyone who tries to abuse power. That’s what she has done in her life and that’s what she will continue to do.”

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